Commenting woes :-(

I love the nested commenting system of Disqus, that is not keeping me from being very irritated with them.  I have comments that are attaching themselves to pages or rearranging themselves however they want to.  I don’t like that.

Another frustration I have stems from the new Internet Explorer 8 cross scripting.  This cross site scripting is how many of us bloggers do many things.  Now, in general being saved from spammers who will attach viruses and spyware to emails and such is always good.  However, this cross site scripting does not allow Disqus to work fully, nor will it allow me to install Disqus the way I would like to.

I was wondering if anyone else was having problems with these things??

2 thoughts on “Commenting woes :-(

  1. I gotta be honest, I hate disqus, well and truly. It’s hard to comment on sites that use it because I don’t have an account (and do not want to create yet another account someplace). When I go to places that use it, more often I skip commenting because if I can actually get logged in and sign with my Twitter or something, the comment gets eaten.Good luck. I’m on self-hosted WP. I hate where my ‘click to comment’ button is but that’s more to do with my theme which is Genesis. And I’m too cheap to call my designer and pay her to find out if I she can change it 🙂

  2. I haven’t had these problems. I use Chrome for a browser. I do have a problem, though; I don’t get any email notifications of Disqus comments. Maybe I just haven’t enabled it?BTW, it is absolutely GORGEOUS in here.

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