Fragments galore

Mommy's IdeaOk, not really galore, but it’s been a crazy busy week here!!!  The worst part is that I can’t really remember all of it 😦  I have got to mark things down to share.  The kids say such adorable/crazy things.  Or maybe I should just go ahead and upgrade the phone like we have been saying for months now…. I could jot it as it all happens.  Well not AS it is happening.

Just in case the re-directing doesn’t work for everyone, I purchased a domain name for this blog.  I have no idea how the feed thing works.  If you need to get there on your own you will find this at:

Kay’s Little Korner
(thanks so much honey!!)
Tim Hawkins just cracks me up!!!  This is not exactly how things go here, but there are times I would love a marriage referee!!!

I am spending my Friday evening judging a Debate and Speech tournament.  I am actually looking forward to it.  I have never been in debate and I would love to know if it is something my kids should be involved in.  I want them to know how to communicate with others, how to hold their own in a debate, and how to do proper research to know where they stand on any given topic.  The whole experience should be an eye opener 😉

This week we were able to help a couple of my buddies out.  One night a Homeschool friend was hitting a conference so I kept her kids here.  It went so well with everyone that I offered to do that again!  Her daughter is my daughter’s good friend and both girls were able to focus on their school work to get it done.  It was wonderful.  My JJ was actually helpful and protective of her little guy.  They were little peas in a pod.  
Another buddy is checking out school options for her 4yr old, so we hung onto the kids while they went to an open house.  Their little girl was nearly traumatized by the dog.  I know she is scared of dogs and I was trying to stay on top of that, but I had to run downstairs to deal with JJ so I missed ‘the meeting’.  I got to the top of the steps just as Louisa was nearly  hyperventilating while she was nose-to-nose with Heinrich.  Of course my huge teddy bear was very concerned with the girl child crying and wanted to make her feel better… not realizing that going away would have been best.  I handled it well while laughing hysterically inside.  She also plastered herself to the wall when my kids did their usual ‘run’ as I released them for snack. Poor Louisa, she may never enter my house again.

Last night was awesome!!  Our adopted ‘Papa’ came over to keep my kids while Ben was on duty just so I could attend the ladies dinner with the church gals.  I had so much fun!!  These ladies can cook!  Woohoo, it was so much fun, I love my church!!  We talked about motorcycles, men driving, kids, parents, growing up, cheesecake, shrimp, and perspective.  I appreciate the friends/family in my life who force me to look at things differently and the friends/family who remind me that I am not alone in whatever I am going through.  Thanks guys!!

15 thoughts on “Fragments galore

  1. I am just SO confused with ALL of the blog and wordpress stuff. I loved the debate team in school. I think it is a great place for kids to learn the value of an honest conversation.My grandson is terrified of dogs even my 2 little terriers. We have no idea why…Have a fabulous weekend [what is left of it!]

    1. I got a bit lost with some of the transition… I called in help from a computer tech friend ;-)I agree with the honest conversation, I hope my kids enjoy it. Being there made me really believe that I want my kids to do debate in the future.It seems the kids that are scared of dogs are scared of all the sizes, how interesting..

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