History Hunting

We Love History

history huntingWe truly do love history around here. It probably started in our childhoods with our parents’ love for history and the family vacations I took to historic sites. We continue to hunt down historic sites with our kids and enjoy walking around the fields where the course of history was determined.

I will always remember stepping onto another American Civil War battlefield and my then 6 year old muttering, “It’s another field.” Since that time, the history hunting bug has bitten him. Many of the historic sites we visit have the Jr. Ranger program, which I highly recommend having your children do. There are booklets to fill out that encourage their involvement with the history of the site and Ranger badges to accumulate. My oldest has hoarded dozens of them so far.

If you would like to read about or contribute to our History Hunting eras, please choose a time frame below. I also share helpful resources for your own study of history. This is a database created for the study of history. Please feel welcomed to add your studies as well.

ancient world

middle ages renaissance

reformation colonial era civil war



If you have any suggestions or concerns about History Hunting, please don’t hesitate to contact me! I would love to engage with you.

with diligence if you don't know history

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