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We are still slowly moving towards our summer move. It’s pretty exciting but very intense moving overseas. So many things that need to be dealt with…crazy! We were able to apply for our official govt passports. These take the longest to receive and we don’t leave the US without them. We are looking at shipping our second car on our dime because it runs well and would cost us less than buying a jalopy over there. Any suggestions for a company??

I also thoroughly embarrassed myself today! Thankfully, the gal I was chatting with laughed along with me and didn’t make me feel like a complete idiot. I called the appointment line to make sure we all had our overseas appointments made. These all have to be completed and immunizations up to speed before they will ship us out. As I was listing off the names of the children who still needed to see the doc, she started giggling at my surprise when everyone already had an appointment lined up including me!! I told her I lost my mind as soon as someone said “Germany”. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

I am still refitting the blog with this new theme. It takes some time to swap everything over and some of the images are giving me fits. If you bump into anything that needs my attention, please contact me! I would love the feedback!


We finished with the Restoration unit and continue to work on Westward Expansion. We dealt this week with the battles the US fought with the Native tribes of the Plains. We have actually physically seen the site of the Battle of Little Bighorn. It is well-preserved and the markers were placed almost immediately where folks had fallen. The video at the visitor’s center offers several first hand accounts from the surviving Natives, who told their children about the battle. My book suggestions are on the 1800’s post.

We spent Sunday wandering around Fort Moultrie across from Charleston, SC. What a great site, but what a frustrating historic video at the visitor’s center. The actor portraying several era of solders kept dropping the ‘D’ word. Not a fan, folks, at least warn people with small chidden that it will occur so we can choose for ourselves if the kids will watch it 😦 The spanish moss hanging on the trees caused our children to ask what that stuff was. My husband had them do a research report on the stuff and it was a very good exercise for them!! I was most impressed with my oldest’s offering. He has such a logical mind!!

I think I have decided to have him type it up and I will present it as a blog post tomorrow. That will save me from having to walk all the way downstairs and fiddle with the scanner. It’s a Friday y’all πŸ˜‰


Video to share:

I don’t know if you have ever heard Bill Cosby do his schtick on the coin toss, but the whole week of studying the Battle of Little Bighorn, this is what played through my head. I hope you enjoy!


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7 thoughts on “HS: Moving West”

    1. Hey girl!!! How goes it!??? I knew you were taking a break, I just have been so crazy busy this past few months that I never got back there. Yea, big changes and it seems to be speeding closer than I feel ready πŸ˜‰

  1. How exciting to be moving overseas, and to another continent! You must be really busy getting everything together! I know that there are quite a few US homeschoolers (military-related) in Germany so I’m sure your family will get lots of support and friendship once you’re there.. πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for reminding me of this piece of Cosby. Humor straight out of my youth…and yours. I will also remember it when we have a chance to go to Montana. How fun!!

  3. We just finished up a unit on the Westward Expansion. We didn’t get to do any field trips, because of our crazy weather. Now that we’re moving into the Civil War era (and hopefully spring) we’ll be heading out of doors to see the real places.

    Prayers to you as you pack up for your move!

    1. I hope the weather is more conducive to field trips soon! We are right here near Charleston and we haven’t made it to Sumter, where it all began. We are hopefully heading there this coming weekend to see the fort πŸ™‚

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