Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!! If there were ever a day to focus on the blessings in your life, today is the day!  Though there are accounts of a thanksgiving celebrations in Jamestown as early as 1607, the Pilgrim’s are credited with the first official Thanksgiving celebration, joining together with their Native brothers to commemorate their first successful … More Happy Thanksgiving

Thank you, honey!

Thankful Thursday I am pulling one out of the archives this week because I believe that my husband needs to hear this again..and again, and again, and again. Ben, I love you, always! No matter where God takes us no matter what God places before us. I choose you for my help-meet and yoked partner! … More Thank you, honey!

Thankful Thursday

It is Thursday, once again. Isn’t it amazing how weeks and days can hum right along without much of a notice? Life can be that way. Moments fly by, days follow, weeks become a blur…and we don’t stop for just a moment to look around us. We don’t take the time to stop and smell … More Thankful Thursday

Thankful For Full Tanks

Thankful Thursday [image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”2657″ caption=”Jefferson Memorial by eGuide Travel” align=”center” size=”large” link=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/31190896@N08/8096152944/in/photolist-dkqUcS-cArmdb-dbvQ4J-7FHpFG-8fyVFj-ek43aX-8ZRwcB-iiYtM8-8gwwbK-bWjWsr-dfQxtn-8JZXPs-cAdiF3-gZVwfA-ia42Mq-ia4s8a-gZVrCw-dmxnU6-dmxnyv-dmxnEP-7TLrjU-dmxnNr-dmxpT7-cF7re7-cF7rSS-btAfJY-dyH4Wu-ia8jGG-ia8AGz-cF7tey-cF7pK7-ia72vP-foC7a7-gZW27J-86bGGV-86bHCM-86eSyq-cDu2zY-ij1ZjZ-bypN3z-86bHrM-bosnt2-gZWfRZ-bW1Ckn-ctpSBu-bpuuSg-bpuvaF-dp6UsQ-dCNLnS-dMUdZh-dqtX6g”%5D It’s been a very long time since hubby has led a marriage retreat, but one of my favorite classes from those retreats is the 5 Love Languages class. The author of this book believes that inside every human is a ‘love tank’ … More Thankful For Full Tanks

Thankful Thursday

It has been a challenging week here in our home. We are still trying to get our groove on with homeschool and I appear to be losing the battle with whatever allergens are here in the great state of SC. No snow and no freezing means nothing goes dormant. I live in fog 😉 It … More Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday I would love to say that I set a goal this year to be more content. But the truth is that God convicted me in December about my struggle with being discontent among a myriad of blessings. So with a heart of humility, I begin this year with a Spirit led goal of … More Thankful Thursday