Memorial Day

In Fairbanks, AK, on the military installation, Fort Wainwright, there is a little pond. Around this pond is a cute little walking trail with benches, trees, bushes, and geese. There is a lone river otter that plays in the water, diving over and over again for whatever he is looking for. For me, the most … More Memorial Day

Moving to Germany

An overseas PCS is going to look different with each family. This is primarily due to the size of your clan and the housing situation at the base you are heading towards. We are leaving SC and heading to Stuttgart, Germany. The tidbits I share with you here are what we have encountered for a … More Moving to Germany

Trip Pics

Day Twenty-Four I am finally sharing photos of the PCS from Alaska to South Carolina! We logged 4,374 miles for this trip, give a little more for the running around we did at each stop. Wow! Big Army gives 13 days for this trip, but since I travel with my hubby (who is who he … More Trip Pics