Do you have a relative or friend, someone you love, who is walking the dangerous path of self-destruction? I do. I have loved ones who struggle with addictions, who bounce in and out of jail, whose addiction killed them, and it’s painful to watch. It’s painful to hear about because I also love the folks … More Homeboy

Mary Did You Know?

Historically speaking, tonight is a preparation or the anticipation of a major historic event for the Christian world. It is not about decor around the house, or the tree being lit, or even the gifts under the tree. It is about the Messiah, who had been promised to God’s covenant people. A promise given back … More Mary Did You Know?

Advent: Joy

  The second week of Advent is joy! It is the Advent season and many of us are rushing around to finalize our gift purchases and wrapping them. I also don’t believe I am alone in finding myself caught up in the scurrying and flurrying motions, while I lose sight of why I am doing … More Advent: Joy