Winterizing Your Blog

When you hear ‘winterize’ what comes to mind? Your car or your house or even your clothing, right? Not many people think about winterizing their blog. Most folks don’t like to change anything on their blog or website because they want folks to ‘know’ they have arrived at the right place and standard images are … More Winterizing Your Blog

WordPress Tutorial ebook

Today, Amazon is offering a free ebook for WordPress beginners (of which I happen to be). Hop on over and grab the free kindle version and enjoy the tutorials, with screen shots, and make your WP blog pop!! Click on the book image for the link to Amazon.  

Moving, again!

First, mom and dad, no panicking. This is about the blog, not us and a PCS 😉 Nope, the blog is moving!! I mentioned something about this a few days ago, but I wanted to get the official word out for any faithful followers that may not have caught the notice. I am migrating this … More Moving, again!

Getting to know you

Getting to know you, getting to know all about you. Getting to hope you like me 🙂 Because of all…the..beautiful and new, things I’m learning about you, day-by-day! Does anyone else see Deborah Kerr dancing around her Siamese classroom singing to her school children in that over-the-top-hoop skirt? It was the first thing I thought … More Getting to know you