Confessions of a Bibliophile

I am a lover of books. I enjoy reading for many reasons and you can still find me huddled in a corner reading when I have the time 😉 I come from a long line of readers. My grandmother had shelves of books, my mother has shelves of books, and I have shelves of books.

My personal favorite flavor of literature is historic ficiton, with maybe a hint of romance. And of course, my dream is to someday write a book. I have had some delightful characters in my anscestry that deserve to have stories written about them. That goes on my ‘someday’ list.

If I could, I would have a personal library with built in bookshelves and a large leather chair right next to the large bay window with a roaring fireplace nearby where I could dedicate myself to reading for hours with mountains looking down at me through those big bay windows…ah, someday 😉 If you would like to check me out on GoodReads, you can click on the link in my footer, or you can see my book selections on Pinterest.

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Book Reviews on Kay’s Korner

The Timeless Fairy Tale

Last year during the initial months of the Covid quarantine, I discovered an author and series that I am enjoying quite a bit! I’ve always been a fan of Fairy Tales, even as a young reader. While living in Germany, I had the amazing experience of traveling with Grimm Fairy Tale route with my children…

My Favorite Marriage Books

I am a reader, I won’t lie. When I found out I was going on a mission trip to Venezuela after high school, I read what I could about the country and even brushed up on my Spanish. When I found out I was having a baby for the first time, I poured myself into…

Reading After ABC

I know we aren’t the only family out there with struggling readers. Kids struggle with reading no matter what educational avenue they are walking. Often the struggle continues even after the child has mastered their alphabet and phonics. Would you like to know where you go from there? My friend Rachel has written a ‘guide book’ to…

Three Men Came to Heidelberg

This is a fabulous book for anyone interested in how the Heidelberg Catechism came to be. I would even suggest letting students read the book as an easy read for a great background of the years of the Reformation in Germany states. The language and writing style are, well, easy. It is not written for…

401 Ways To Get The Kids To Help

I can’t believe I haven’t done a book review for this book yet!! We have implemented these tactics in our home for years now, but I have never shared them with you guys. For that, I must apologize!! It’s an older, old school book from 1981 and I must warn some of my HS friends,…

Daily Devotional for Families

Are you looking for a starting point for a daily family devotions? That’s great!  I would love to offer a suggestion for you: Training Hearts, Teaching Minds by Star Meade. God’s Word is where we find our spiritual ‘food’. The Bible is where we learn about God and we learn what He expects from His…

4 thoughts on “Confessions of a Bibliophile”

  1. Reading books is a great habit. If those books which help prosper in life are read, then it would be even more fruitful. Christian books are those which help one to get back into the right path of the Lord. For those who are already in the path of Jesus, they would get nearer to the Holy Spirit.

  2. Kay, Just skipping through sites & came upon yours. What a very kind, happy person you must be…………. a Christian husband makes a difference. I walk with Jesus every day and He is so good to me.
    It caught my attention that there is German in your line. Is there any chance of finding a HAMM there? I love genealogy, although at 78 I’ve
    used every way I can to complete my line. I have Jacob Hamm b. 1729 & arr. in PA 1749. Do you know anyone in Germany who might know that surname & help? I long to do this for my 3 children (& for me !!)
    I will continue reading your work & your husband’s. I love the pic of the Girl Reading (Mum always had it over her bed).
    Love, Sylvia in Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada.

    1. I apologize for the late response. We are in the final stages of moving in to our home in Germany. I can certainly look around and try to discover more about this surname. Any ideas where they haled from? A town or region would be more helpful in discovering more info 🙂

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