National Arms Museum

Back in 2010, we finally made the stop Ben had been begging to make: the National Arms Museum. This museum is located in Fairfax, VA on the first floor of the NRA building. They had an amazing display of many of our favorite movie weapons to include an impressive collection of John Wayne’s rifles. Our … More National Arms Museum

Government History Lesson

I cannot believe I found a politician who knows his history, the purpose he serves as a Representative, disavows party lines, and reminds his fellow Representatives just what their job is!! This is a great history lesson, in just 5 minutes, of what the purpose of our 3 party government is. 

HS Late 1800s

Our lives… We continue to be very busy checking blocks for the move. I really had no idea it would cost this much to prepare to move overseas. Call me naive, but I have been shocked by it all. I am composing a post dedicated to an overseas PCS. The most stressful part is just … More HS Late 1800s

HS: Moving West

Our lives… We are still slowly moving towards our summer move. It’s pretty exciting but very intense moving overseas. So many things that need to be dealt with…crazy! We were able to apply for our official govt passports. These take the longest to receive and we don’t leave the US without them. We are looking … More HS: Moving West