For My Compasses!

  My blogging buddies may not know that for the past few months I have been adjusting from the role of Chaplain’s wife to that of a Pastor’s wife. The adjustment between those roles has been fairly smooth, actually 🙂 But for those moments where I felt lost and unsure of myself, I knew I … More For My Compasses!

pep talk

one of the reasons i love my best friend is because she knows me so well.  here is the ‘pep talk’ i got today: Here’s your lecture:  This broken arm is no small deal.  Kids break arms, and it’s mostly “whatever.”  But it’s a whole different story when a) you’re the mommy, and b) you’re … More pep talk

Uh oh, new toy.

I figured out some new things on our iTouch today;-). One of them is the blogger app. Another was email. See the home computer died and hubby takes Candy (his MacBook) to work with him. That left me Internet-less till someone said “why not use the iTouch?” Duh. Here are some very cute pics of … More Uh oh, new toy.