Mary Did You Know?

Historically speaking, tonight is a preparation or the anticipation of a major historic event for the Christian world. It is not about decor around the house, or the tree being lit, or even the gifts under the tree. It is about the Messiah, who had been promised to God’s covenant people. A promise given back … More Mary Did You Know?

Advent: Joy

  The second week of Advent is joy! It is the Advent season and many of us are rushing around to finalize our gift purchases and wrapping them. I also don’t believe I am alone in finding myself caught up in the scurrying and flurrying motions, while I lose sight of why I am doing … More Advent: Joy

It’s Christmastime!

It’s Christmas-time again! We love Christmas in our home: the glitter, the red, the green, the candles, the New England Village, the smells, the cookies, and especially…THE SONGS! I am one of those folks who absolutely refuses to allow any Christmas music until the day after Thanksgiving. I want this time to remain magical and … More It’s Christmastime!

Advent: Hope

This past Sunday was the first official start of Advent: hope. For years now, we have been celebrating Advent as a family to help us focus on the reason for the Christmas season: the birth of Jesus Christ. He wanted to start a new tradition in our home and with our children so that they … More Advent: Hope

Christmas Cookies

Cooking and decorating sugar cookies are a tradition that comes from my husband’s side of the family. I know that my mother made cookies when we were growing up, but I don’t remember the massive production that hubby’s family did. My FIL would bake tons of cookies with the secret family recipe (no I can’t share … More Christmas Cookies

The Boxes Are Here

We have lived far away from family more years than I care to count! This leads to our love of boxes, or at least the boxes that arrive at our home or PO box from family. The boxes are filled with goodies that we both need and want! Recently, my mother has won the cake … More The Boxes Are Here