Chaplain Anniversary

More fun memories from the past. In general, I really enjoyed celebrations with the Chaplain Corps. They are fun and have that sense of teamwork that I love! This post was written back in 2010. This Friday we celebrated the 235th anniversary of the Chaplain Corps. First we were serenaded by the Army’s Brass Quintet … More Chaplain Anniversary

SSM: Sgt Bilko

Side-Splitting Monday I don’t know if you have ever seen this movie, but I think it is hilarious. I not only come from a long line of military folk, married a military man, but I myself was enlisted for 10 years. Sgt Bilko is a very funny military spoof movie with Steve Martin playing a … More SSM: Sgt Bilko

TTT: Army Phrases

I recently bumped into a blogger who listed her Top Ten Navy Phrases. So of course I started thinking of the military terms we use around here. Not only is hubby active duty Army, but I served in the military myself, so we get it double duty, so to speak 😉 Hang out with us … More TTT: Army Phrases

What a view

I will admit that the view from our home is the best view we have ever had! But sometimes the view inside can be just as nice 😉

Friday in February

Wow, another week down, it’s already hitting February, can you believe that??  This week has been fun of fragments for me, how about you?  If you have little bits of stuff flying around your brain, hop on over to Half Past Kissin Time where our hostess, Mrs. 4444 grants us permission to dump them 😉 … More Friday in February