A Letter to Me

 A year ago today, my cousin and his wife watched their baby girl born at just 24 weeks. Today as we celebrate this precious girl turning one, Chris willingly wrote a letter to herself  and allowed me to share it with you all. Thank you, Chris, for your “Letter To Me”!! Dear Me, Tomorrow you are … More A Letter to Me

Mommy Memories

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, as you all know.  I had a very good Mother’s Day.  My daughter made me my toast breakfast, a coffee, and set it all up with the kids’ homemade cards.  I love that part!!! I also finally joined the 21st century and received an iPad from my husband.  I still have … More Mommy Memories

Big babies!

My younger sister got some rough news yesterday… her first baby is already measuring 9lbs 6oz.  That is a decent sized baby, I will grant, but the craziest part for me is my sister is just barely 5 feet tall. It’s her first baby and she was so hoping to have it ‘natural’ and have … More Big babies!