Day By Day

Wow, this post brought back so many memories, not many of them good. Have you put more on your plate than you can handle today, this week, or this month? Did you know that burning a candle on both ends just burns the candle out that much faster? Have you asked God if you should … More Day By Day

Reading After ABC

I know we aren’t the only family out there with struggling readers. Kids struggle with reading no matter what educational avenue they are walking. Often the struggle continues even after the child has mastered their alphabet and phonics. Would you like to know where you go from there? My friend Rachel has written a ‘guide book’ to … More Reading After ABC

Art Set Pro

The house is quiet and the for moment, I don’t really care what the kids are doing. Ok, maybe I do, but I have to share this fun new art app that we found for my daughter. It’s called Art Set Pro, and even an art ignoramus like me can use it!   It’s very … More Art Set Pro