Do you have a relative or friend, someone you love, who is walking the dangerous path of self-destruction? I do. I have loved ones who struggle with addictions, who bounce in and out of jail, whose addiction killed them, and it’s painful to watch. It’s painful to hear about because I also love the folks … More Homeboy

Thanksgiving in July

It’s always fun to dig back into the archives and read old posts. For me, it’s a bit like re-reading a journal and I often see just how much, or how little, I have changed as a writer since my earliest days. My grammar and capitalization has much improved, but my love and thankfulness to … More Thanksgiving in July

My Thoughts on OMG

I am a Christian. I believe in Jesus Christ, who came and died on the cross for our sins. I go to this Christian Youth Group for Middle Schoolers, and I’m shocked at how many kids I hear saying, “Oh, my God!” Why? Because of the third commandment. Q. “What is the third commandment?” A. … More My Thoughts on OMG

The Great I AM

A friend of mine posted a great reflection this morning and it got me to thinking. Fear is a powerful force that Satan uses against God’s people. I am not generally a fearful person, but recent events have caused my blood pressure to rise and my mind to freeze. I realize my human reaction is … More The Great I AM