Battling Addiction

This is for Anna. Most of my readers don’t know who Anna is, but she is in many of my favorite childhood memories because she is my first cousin. I consider her ‘is’ because she will always be my first cousin and a woman I loved, even though she is no longer walking the terra … More Battling Addiction

The Boxes Are Here

We have lived far away from family more years than I care to count! This leads to our love of boxes, or at least the boxes that arrive at our home or PO box from family. The boxes are filled with goodies that we both need and want! Recently, my mother has won the cake … More The Boxes Are Here

Thankful for Patty

Thankful Thursday This month I am taking the challenge to blog about a specific topic for 31 days. Because October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, I chose to blog about how that disease has touched my life. In 2005, my mother-in-law, Patty, died of Breast Cancer at the very young age of 48. I was … More Thankful for Patty

Who Was Patty?

  Patty was born in December of 1957 to Noel and Joan. Patty was the 7th of 9 children born into this family. Their childhood was bad, and that is a major understatement. But the woman I met beat the odds of her upbringing! She was sweet, giving, honest, simple, loving, devoted, and just plain … More Who Was Patty?

Find the Cure

  October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. So many women, and even men, are devastated by this disease, that I want to spend the month focusing on this war. There have been battles won and battles lost, and I want to share those stories with you. This war landed on our doorstep in the fall … More Find the Cure

Wish You Were Here

JHowdy all! My regulars knnow that my whole family has been up here for a visit to the great state of Alaska. That would be a very good reason for my absence in writing 😉 We are having a great time despite the fact that there are time when 3 bathrooms just aren’t enough for … More Wish You Were Here