Homeschool Christmas Party

Earlier this month, we participated in a Homeschool Christmas Party! Germany has forbidden homeschooling in their country, but an ‘International agreement’ allows for us to continue to homeschool. There are several homeschool groups and coops in our area, which is so very helpful!! For our party, we volunteered to be part of the set-up crew and provide the Christmas music for the background. We have hours of it on our iPod, so of course I volunteered for that part 😉

The party began with prayer, then we had wonderful food, and some very fun games!! The boys all had friends attend and even made a few new ones! My favorite game played was a hands-off game where the kids had the same amount of small marshmallows and they could only use a straw to get the marshmallows into a cup. First kid to accomplish the task wins! They had a tournament of sorts and the kids rotated through well. It was a hoot to watch!

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