i am an extrovert, which means that i love being around people. i gain energy from group settings. if i could get away with it, i would happily fill my home on a regular basis with lots of people because all that noise and chaos jazzes me up! so when we get guests or family comes out to stay with us, i am especially excited!

the first week of September brought ben’s dad and his wife out to visit. and we hate introducing her as ‘stepmom’ because that has with it sort of a negative connotation (thanks Cinderella). anyway, they flew out here for a week and we were able to schedule noah’s baptism during that time. which is very cool since noah michael is named after ben’s dad, mike.

both parties were a little nervous because joyce hit the doc’s office the day they were meant to fly and was told she had a viral thing. basically is was a nasty sort of cold with congestion, head fog, and all the snot stuff. but she was very sweet to call and find out if a virus was a deal breaker for the trip. and after reading the first part of this blog, of course it was not an issue!!

i am hoping they will share some of their photos this way so i can share with you all just how beautiful Annapolis is or the great views in Shenandoah national park. we actually ended up doing Annapolis twice. once with me for a quick walk through one main street, but joyce was just feeling miserable! then when hubby had a day off, they went again, spending hours. they were able to get some great pics on the naval academy, of the bay bridge, and the oldest capital bldg still in use. this area is just beautiful, and if you have a camera or love to take pictures, you must come see Maryland!!

it was a great visit and i only got a tiny bit of a snoggy thing. no one else caught it either, so i would say it was a fun and successful trip!!

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