New Direction

I’m not even sure anyone out there is even reading or looking at this ‘blog’ anymore. I find that in the past several years, I just haven’t had the time to write as much as I wish I could. What I have been doing is fine-tuning many business skills that I hope to turn into … More New Direction

Chaplain Anniversary

More fun memories from the past. In general, I really enjoyed celebrations with the Chaplain Corps. They are fun and have that sense of teamwork that I love! This post was written back in 2010. This Friday we celebrated the 235th anniversary of the Chaplain Corps. First we were serenaded by the Army’s Brass Quintet … More Chaplain Anniversary

Thanksgiving in July

It’s always fun to dig back into the archives and read old posts. For me, it’s a bit like re-reading a journal and I often see just how much, or how little, I have changed as a writer since my earliest days. My grammar and capitalization has much improved, but my love and thankfulness to … More Thanksgiving in July

Military Humor

Pulling this goody, but oldie out of archive for your Saturday smile 😉 Today is our Monday and I am failing at getting the ball rolling after a 4-day weekend! I was avidly avoiding doing homeschool with the kids this and I fell in to my favorite tactic: Pinterest! I tumbled across a couple of things … More Military Humor