under destruction

okay, it may not look like it, but i have been trying to play around with my blog to get the colors just right…. for me anyway.  so if you have been hopping on here to see some very bizarre color schemes and stuff, please forgive me…. it has been under construction or destruction, depending on when you may have jumped on.

i cannot get rid of the stupid gray part at the top, but i do like everything else about this template. 

and of course it is the worst, well okay, not the worst, but probably not the best day to choose to do this.  my 5mos baby is quite fussy.  he is not the perfect, and content child that #4 was.  my  hubby says it will be better for us since we had such a huge shock when #4 became a 2-3yr old.  we will be ready for noah to be a pickle, since he sort of is already.  but the poor thing has a cold and is just unhappy.  he is also at the stage where he desperately wants to chew on things but most of the time getting it to his mouth involves smacking himself in the face.  which irritates most people, right??  anyway, i am low on sleep, but we got to school by 9am today and by lunch we were almost done.  so i must get my act back together and hit it again to be done!!

Questions, comments, or concerns?

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