happy veteran’s day, folks!  our country is blessed to have many freedoms that just don’t exist elsewhere in the world.  we have these freedoms because brave men and women chose to fight for principles and serve diligently for our country.  today is the day we honor those who have gone before us, many of them laying down their lives for the generations to come.

between my hubby and myself, we have a family member for every major conflict going back to WWI.  our ancestors were not on this continent before then (maybe one group from dad’s side, but i dont’ believe they fought during the civil war).

hubby and i served for OEF/OIF, me as a reservist training NG soldiers before they deployed, hubby hit the sand box in Afghanistan in ’07.

my father-in-law served during the Gulf War.

my father served during Vietnam on a navy ship, USS Ranger, right off the coast of the Vietnam.

my paternal great-uncle served and lost his life during the Korean War. he is buried at Ft. Riley, KS.  i took a picture by his headstone while i was doing a stint at Riley myself.

my paternal grandfather served during WWII and was recently honored via the Honor Flight tour of DC and the memorials.  it just happened to fall during my family’s visit of the area as well.  even with my 4 week old, we rushed over to meet Grandpa at the memorials to be able to say hi and “thank you” for his service!!  he had a great time!!

i wish i had something printed with uncle lou’s on it.  he served during WWI as a cavalry guy out of Fort Des Moines.  my FIL has pictures of him mounted on his horse, back when the Cav was on horse flesh!! 😉

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