the new toy

my hubby got a new toy recently.  last week his new laptop arrived.  my hubby and i are beginning to think that we have some sort of electric current that kills off computers because we can kill a computer quick!!  in  just the last 4 years we have killed off 2 PCs and 1 laptop.  now, the new laptop is replacing the one he took to the desert with him, so we can’t really blame ourselves for that death.  😉

this time, we chose to go with Macbook.  so far, we love it.  it is so very different and hubby is not a huge change guy (which may amuse most people because as a huge planner and stick to the schedule guy… he chose the military for his profession???).  anyway, as we are getting used to the macbook, i will tell you that this is a fantastic system!!!  it really is easy to use!  the whole ‘one handed commands’ are wonderful if you were ever a fan of the DOS operating system.  and i am looking forward to turning in the old PC we kept for credit towards a Mac desktop.  the think is entirely contained in the screen!!  no more wires running all over creation on my desk!!!  but that is a few months away yet (our family vehicle has graced us these last few months and continues to live).

but my main reason for posting all this is i am looking to name my hubby’s new macbook.  see, we call the Internet Lola, as his second love.  he gets online to chat with a theology group for his relaxation, and he only hops on a few moments at a time… but he runs off to do this throughout the day.  so we decided to tease him about his ‘other woman’.  well, you know folks and their new toys… so i am asking for help naming his macbook 😉  so far i thought about naming it Candy.  you know, to go with that little song ditty we all know “i want candy, da da da da da I want Candy”  any suggestions?

2 thoughts on “the new toy”

  1. I like Candy or maybe Serenity? 🙂 Good luck on finding a name. 🙂 And I hear you about computers… We went through one while my husband was in the desert! I need to go into the computer cleaning business. 🙂 Let us know what name you choose.

  2. New technology is great – when it works properly. Have fun with it. Go Hawks. We need the strength to finish off Ohio State at Kinnick tomorrow.

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