Monday’s Memories

A Monday full of memories, that is my dream.  We all have rich memories to share and pass along…. so let’s begin!  Feel free to link up, grab the button, and share your memories!!

My memory for today has to do with my Great Aunt Alvina.  I don’t remember a whole lot of my childhood, my mother says I moved around too fast to catch anything.  However, I do remember her patience with my various questions concerning food prep.  Everything that came from Alvina’s kitchen was amazing!!!  From pies to stews to bread product… oh my goodness those breads and buns!  My mouth is watering now, oh no!!  She also created rugs that were so comfy that you just wanted to bury your feet in them and not move!!

She grew up as the oldest girl of 13 surviving children.  She was my Grandmother’s oldest sister, and she is still living in Minnesota today at the age of 93.  We would listen avidly as she would describe life in a farm with 13 children running around.  There was an age when a child would begin doing small chores life hunting cow chips for fire wood.  Then came the helping in the fields or the kitchen (which is probably why she was so amazing!!!)  The older kids also had to help with younger children, so responsibility was not an option.  I love hearing bout her childhood, my Grandmother, my mother when she was a child…. Aunt Alvina is definitely one of my favorite memories!

Monday’s Memories

 Monday’s Memories/

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