Raising my hands….

I love music.  Music is a way in which I can find the words that I generally don’t have to express myself.  I am not a talker, I don’t feel the need to yap about myself ad nauseam.  So for me, music is my outlet, my stress relief, my emotional scale, and my comfort.  Years ago a band called The Waiting did a song that touched me deeply.

The song talks about all the various ways in which we are willing to raise our hands for everything but God.  As a type A, control freak type of person, I have spent years struggling against God.  I have often felt like Jacob, walking away from these battles with my ‘hip being touched’.  And just when I begin to think that I am following as I should, in total submission to God, He has me walk through a desert, has me pass through a fire to be refined and to strengthen my faith.

There are changes coming for us as we await our next duty assignment, there is a surgery coming for my daughter… but we felt a bit unprepared for the curve ball today.  My husband has ‘something going wrong’ in his abdomen area.  He is having tests run to find out just what part is going ‘wrong’ and to determine what avenue will be needed to ‘fix’ it.  And I know this is a time for me to raise my hands in the air and say “have thine own way, Lord.” The final verse after minute 4 of this song is what I am needing now. No wrestling for me this time, Lord you made us, you formed us, you stretch us when we need stretching and you offer comfort for our tears. I am ready to take your yoke upon me and learn of you. Matthew 11:28-30

4 thoughts on “Raising my hands….”

  1. Music is what gets me through things myself… it motivates me, helps me cry, helps me laugh, makes me happy.. I understand what you’re sayingThinking of your daughter AND your husband. Life is hard sometimes, isnt it? Keep singing though! 🙂

  2. So funny how similar our posts were! I most certainly will add Ben to our prayer list, and already praying for Bekah. Do you have a date set for hers yet?

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