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A somber Memory Lane today.  You may have heard about the tornado that ripped through NC this past weekend.  A town named Sanford was directly hit destroying the Lowe’s.

It jumped across county lines and hit homes along St Andrews Church Road.  Why would I care sitting in my home here in the DC area??  Because when my husband was stationed at Fort Bragg, we LIVED IN SANFORD, NC!!!  That Lowe’s is the store where we purchased our guest bathroom fixtures and sinks and faucet.  It is where we purchased our paint and supplies.  It was familiar to me in so many ways.  Watching the video and seeing the destruction of I was called my ‘stomping ground’ is very sobering.  I remember when we reported to Bragg….

We arrived at Bragg in September.  We checked in to a weekly hotel place on Bragg Boulevard, needing 2 of their rooms because of our 4 children.  We then contacted our realtor and began a 4 day marathon of house hunting.  We were all over the map surrounding Fort Bragg.  My husband really wanted to be out away from post so we could breath a bit of ‘civilian’ air when of duty.  He also loved the idea of being out in the county so we could burn stuff in our yard in bonfires and spread out.  While visiting a ranch style home, south of Sanford, in the county, I looked down the street and found this.  It was For Sale By Owner, so not listed in the sites we had looked at.  We rang the doorbell, met the sweet Christian family living there and I felt like I had walked into my home. 

It was our first home purchase.  We made the common mistakes a couple makes purchasing their first home.  But I loved it all the same.  I could paint the walls whatever color I wanted.  I could hang hooks in my garage wherever I wanted them.  I settled in to home ownership with relish.  God was merciful when order came not 12months later that we would have to move.  We were able to sell the house and walk away even, a true blessing just after the housing bubble burst.  I will always remember my first house with pleasant warmth.

It is rare in NC to have a basement, which is why the danger was so high for folks there.  Please keep them in your prayers!!!  The images are hard for me to watch, I still have not heard from a few friends from my Coop there.  I am hoping it is because of the power outages.
Memory Lane

2 thoughts on “NC Home”

  1. I have quite a few friends who used to be stationed with us here in Germany who are there now, and all have checked in thankfully. One actually works at that Lowes, but she wasn’t working and was with her family insteand…Praise The Lord!!!

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