My Old Kentucky Home

Today is the Kentucky Derby!  If you have never watched or cared, this may not be a post for you 😉

I lived in Louisville, KY for our seminary years.  4 fun years of the scenery down Hwy 60, all the horse farms and pretty ponies running in the fields, the bourbon trail of distilleries in the state, and of course, the Kentucky Derby.

You really should go see it!  The Thunder Over Louisville kicks the whole thing off.  A fireworks show that just can’t be beat!!  The airshow that comes with it is fun, just watching the buzz by of the jets and planes, flying low over the town and along the Ohio River, where crowds line the banks.

There is a parade that was so long one year that my little kids got bored!!  Amazing!  I had the privilege of doing security one year for the Derby, our Reserve Unit was assigned millionaire row and the journalist entrance.  From our station you could hear the rumble of the ponies as they flew around the track, you could smell the excitement of the crowd!!  I am not native to KY but hearing a stadium full of folks sing My Old Kentucky Home was moving.

All the memories make me miss my friends from seminary and my unit, it makes me close my eyes to see the green pastures and the hills covered with trees…Kentucky is a lovely state!!

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