Woohoo…. 5,000

So, today, just now, my page views hit 5,000.  Wow.  It doesn’t mean that folks have stayed to look around, it also has nothing to do with a popularity contest.  This blog has nothing to do with that sort of stuff.  It’s my creative outlet, it’s my mental venting space…. well, it’s my blog 😉

Thank you all who have stopped by and for the comments that you have left for me.  Thank you so much for engaging me in my rambles and your honesty. 

I am now counting down the days till my blogoversary.  That should be lots of fun.  I will probably do a couple giveaways or contests.  I have not quite put my creative thinking cap on for that 😉  Stay tuned!!

2 thoughts on “Woohoo…. 5,000”

  1. Hitting milestones is so fun! I hit 1,00 pageviews at the first of the year and I was so excited. I can’t wait until 5,000!

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