I’m So Cheap

I have begun ordering our school books for the fall.  I love this time of year!!!  I walk down the school supply isles and gaze at all the pretty binders, the pencils, erasers, and notebooks.  I look online for the best deals, many times having at times 4 tabs open to various sites of books to find the absolute best deal.  I have 4 at the table this year which means that I have to watch how I spend the school budget.  I made a book chart for myself in order to keep track of what subjects I needed for which kids, and how much the books were at retail as opposed to the actual cost.  I love watching the retail column and the cost column differ.  It makes me feel good.  If you need something like this I have the document with formulas on our family website, located in the Resources tab, to save and use for yourself.

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