Fragging on Friday

Mommy's IdeaWe have reached Friday!!  Yay for us!  Feel free to join in with Mrs. 4444 and her Friday Fragments!!  It’s fun and easy and a great way to de-clutter your mind!

 It’s been a bit boring this week here.  So nothing much to share word wise.   But I missed my wordless Wednesday, so I shall share some of those today with you guys.  It just won’t be wordless 😉

JJ got glasses for school this year,
so now I have 3 spiffy boys in specs!!
Bekah was quite bummed that she didn’t get any 😦

Heard in our home this week:

“mom, iz da wire dun”
“JJ, say F-F-Fire”
“mum, mum”
“yes noah, you want me, mom?”
“mmm, mum… dun”
“ok Noah, all done.”
“If you don’t knock it off I’m telling mom!”
“No, don’t tell mom, I’m done.”
“Yea, well, you do that again and I am telling!!”
(yelling loud enough for mom to hear is telling)

“mom, I’m having a topless day.  But I will put a shirt on when we go to the commissary.”
(josh, my athlete, loves to leave off the shirts)

“Danny, go start the grill.”

My hubby laughed at me this week.  We have been watching our cantaloupe vine and take over the garden.  He said “I just can’t believe all this came from a few seeds!”  I had to confess… it didn’t.  It was an experiment of mine.  We bought some cantaloupe and gutted it for slicing.  My daughter asked if we could dry the seeds and plant them.  I really didn’t think that would work, but we scooped a large handful (between 10-15 seeds), dried them, planted them in a small pot.  Then PRESTO we had shoots!!  We placed them in the garden and it has seriously outgrown everything else.

My hubby laughed a bit too hard at my confession 😦

I found this one morning when I went for my coffee.
My boys are pretty cute with the dog.
Have a great weekend!!

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