The storm has passed

I wanted to let our family and friends know that we are all right!

The first picture I tried to take was just the tip top of the storm coming.  It was beautiful, really.  The bright blue sky set off the tops of the fluffy, white clouds, and just under all that the clouds were darker.  It was amazing!

The rains began right around noon and steadily intensified to the evening.  It really did hit us in ‘waves’ like the ocean.  It would rain, and be still… rain a little harder, and be still…. rain harder, and be still.

Around supper time is when the rain began and just didn’t stop 🙂  We did choose to sleep in the basement after the wind really picked up and the lights began to flicker.  We listened to Ben read Treasure Island while we relaxed for sleep.  It was actually a lot of fun!!!

This morning we discovered only minor issues with the property.  We had a screen knocked loose, we have some water bubbles in the pillars, and one of the matching plum trees just off the deck was blown over.  I really badly want to save it, but hubby says “not a chance.”  So sad 😦  Can you see the matching one just behind it, on the other side of the deck?

I am also hoping my garden can survive, it looks a bit rough.

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1 thought on “The storm has passed”

  1. So glad there was only minor damage. But, I would be sad about that tree, too! It’s really pretty. I’m sorry it couldn’t be saved.

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