Reformation Day Memories

Today is Reformation Day!  We choose to celebrate Reformation Day instead of Halloween here.  This weekend we had around 40 people in our home helping us to celebrate history.  We had red cabbage, German stew, apple strudel, pistachio cheesecake, pretzels, devilled eggs, and hot cider.  It was wonderful!!

I remember the first Reformation Party I ever attended.  My husband got our church in Louisville to host the celebration.  We dressed up in period attire and had to have knowledge of that person’s part of the reformation era.  I chose a tavern wench because it was fun and most of the priests had one they used for ‘personal reasons’ during this time.  We had a veneration table for various creative relics of the faith as well as indulgences to color.  Hubby, dressed as a monk, gave a short speech on the historic situation leading up to Luther pinning his theses on the Wittenberg Chapel door.  It was a lot of fun!!

Gertruda giving a history lesson to the kids

A variety of costumes from 1500


You can read up on the big 3 players of the reformation if you would like to.  My hubby recently read a book that was wonderful and short for this historic period.  The Reformation: how a monk and a mallet changed the world.

Please feel free to join in and share your memories, or simply enjoy mine 😉  Feel free to  check out my Memory Lane page to read up on the rules of linking.
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