TT Tues: tables and colors


Have you ever wanted a pretty bordered table in a post?  Here is your trick! Remember to exchange each ( and ) for the greater than or less than symbol, closing each command with /.

(table border=“4” bordercolor=”#000″ cellpadding=”2″ cellspacing=”2″ width=”100%”)
(td)Column 1(/td)
(td)Column 2(/td)
(td)Write whatever you want here(/td)
(td)And you could place anything you wanted here(/td)
Column 1 Column 2
Write whatever you want here And you could place anything you wanted here

For each row, simply add a new (tr) and (td) in front of your text.
You can play around with the border type, cell padding is the margin between the actual border and your lettering/numbering inside each box, cell spacing is the space between the border and the cell blocks.  You can even add color to your border with bordercolor=”#6 digit color code”.


This is a good time to mention color.  I love the color hex found here.  I can choose a shade near what I would like, and to the right of the color you see the word shades underlined?  Click on that to play with shades of the color you are looking for.  Excellent for choosing the color of your posts or widget area.

Questions, comments, or concerns?

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