Camping Memories


Good Monday morning folks!!  We recently did camping with my 2 scouts overnight.  We had a blast, the boys played and started fires (well my oldest is old enough to help with fire starting).  I actually come from a long line of camping folks and I remember many camping experiences!!

One of the most memorable camping experiences for me was a Church camping trip in Iowa.  Several of the families were there (ok, most 😉 and for some reason I remember my cousins being there.  (No here is another time where my memory will fail me and my mother will have to fill in the holes)

We had spent the day in the creek splashing around and running around the woods.  My mother pulled a few leeches off my ankle, we ate some yummy camp food, and had all bedded down for the night.  We had a camper with a lofted bed above the table, the table itself converted into a double bed, the couch pulled out into a bed as well.  I love that camper and had so many fond memories of it!!

I can’t remember the time frame, but at some point during the night, I woke up to my uncle and cousins filing into our camper.  We had folks climb into the loft and even some one sleeping in the small isle beside the fridge.  I don’t remember hearing rain at all, but the morning showed our whole campsite under a foot of water!!  My cousins and friends had all had to find higher ground as the tenting folks were seriously flooded out!!  It was a riot!  The kids happily ran around the water locating floating pillows and sleeping bags.  We made great sport of the whole thing.  It’s only now that I realize how dreadful that must have been, losing all that good camping gear to a flooded creek!!!  But oh what fun that camping trip was!!

Memory Lane


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