Dog Bites


I saw history repeat itself this weekend.  We were having dinner with friend’s and their whole family.  They have a corgi looking dog with beagle coloring who is older and not used to having kids around.  He was handling the toddler pretty well by just walking away all evening until it came to his own dinner time.  Noah chose to belly flop onto his back while he was eating (just like he does to our dog at home, who is very used to children).  Charlie yipped at Noah and nipped his ear.  There was no blood, just some red marks on his ear… it helped keep Noah off Charlie for the rest of the night though 😉

see the small bruising?

It makes me think back to a memory that is not fully mine because I was too young to remember any of it.  My grandfather had a dog for much of my young childhood named Dolly.  When I was around 2yrs old, she was pregnant, and aside from her condition she was a very sweet dog to all the kids running around my grandfather’s house.  

I have always been a dog nut, love the furry little things in all sizes.  I felt that Dolly needed my attention nd affection even though she was eating and very pregnant.  Dolly swung around and bit me in the face.  I got stitches just under my eye and on my upper lip.  My grandfather wanted to put the dog down, but my folks knew the dog had been provoked and was not at fault for the nip.  Dolly had not attacked me, simply defended herself, just like Charlie did.  

You can see the scarring just under my right eye and the mark on my upper lip.


Memory Lane

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