Good Morning everyone! I hope your weekend was wonderful!! We went to get our tree yesterday and the experience will get it’s own blog this week 😉 It did, however, bring back memories of tree experiences gone by.

Last year we purchased a tree that ended up having ‘soft trunk’ issues.  We brought our huge tree into the house and the whole sight was a bit comical.  My husband loves Christmas.  I mean loves it!!  Every time we move into a new rental his first thought as we are walking through the place is “where will the Christmas tree go?”

So we had to buy a bigger stand for the tree because the tree literally toppled over in the base.  We carefully tightened the bolts onto the tree and stepped back to admire it when it slowly leaned over onto the wall.  The base we had owned for years was too small.  So while our tree rested against the wall, hubby ran to Lowe’s for a bigger base.  Of course we had to post a guard at the tree in case it chose to settle in a different direction.

You may be chuckling a bit at this point… but wait, there’s more!  We got the tree into a deeper base, we tightened the 6 bolts into the massive trunk and set to work decorating with music and everything!  Josh was just about to hang one of his ornaments on the tree when it shifted again, this time it slowly fell onto my son!!!  Of course, Daddy jumped up and hauled the tree off Josh, who then calmly placed his ornament on the tree… acting as if it had not just fell on him.  It was hilarious!

Tree tip for you: if the trunk is soft and bolts drill right into your tree, get the free paint stirring sticks and use that as a base for the bolts to rest on.  They won’t drill into your live tree 😉

Do you have a Christmas memory you would like to share?  Please grab the link button to place in your memory posting and join the fun!  Or simply enjoy mine 🙂


<a href=” http://tettelestai.blogspot.com/&#8221; target=”_blank”><img src=” http://i129.photobucket.com/albums/p212/tettelestai/Decorated%20images/blgospot2-1-2.jpg&#8221; alt=”Memory Lane” width=”125″ height=”125″ /></a>

2 thoughts on “TIMBER!!”

  1. Hi – just popping for the Monday Memories Blog Hop. Everyone is so busy this time of year, but I still like to connect with my new bloggy friends whenever I can. I hope you will stop by and visit me when you get a minute at http://www.mamaslittletreasures.com and I would also like to invite you to visit our online community for Christian women at http://www.rubyforwomen.ning.com where we also have a monthly online magazine for Christian women. Thanks so much for hosting, I’ll be back again soon! Nina @ mamas*little*treasures and Ruby for Women

  2. Oh, we have had plenty of tree disasters in our house, too, not the least of which involved the tree falling over just two nights ago (fortunately, we hadn’t decorated it yet). Good luck this year!

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