Our Brief Honeymoon


My hubby and I are heading to Florida for business and pleasure!  The military is sending him to Orlando for some training and God has blessed us with the opportunity for me to go with him without our 5 children!!  His folks are coming out to watch the kids so we can head down for a little honeymoon style vacation.  See, we didn’t get a honeymoon when we got married…
Back in December of 1996, I was finishing my 3rd semester of college and my intended was mucking around Fort Lewis, Washington as a young PF3 (enlisted private) in the Army.  Neither of us had much money, which is why we had been planning a June ’97 wedding… more save time.  We had planned for me to head out there over New Year’s to see him and he had planned an exquisite proposal, complete with horse drawn carriage and ballet!!!

The Army saw differently.  He was given orders for Korea late that ’97 Spring.  the phone call I received while in between finals that Monday night was:

“Hey babe, I have some bad news and good news.  I have orders for Korea in April, so I can’t do a June wedding.  Before you freak out on me, I do have good news.  I can get leave over Christmas, we could get married then.”

My mother planned an amazing wedding in just 3 weeks!!  I am pretty sure both our fathers paid for the 2 nights in the hotel following the ceremony. (I pass that hotel every time I am in my home state, which is actually very cool.  To get to see where I began my marriage 15 years ago…)   But that is all we had, 2 nights.  We had a few days at my parent’s house after that, but his leave ended before I had things wrapped up and ready to fly. So hubby flew out of Iowa without his wife after 5 days of marriage.  

We have had night here, a weekend there, but nothing like this.  I am excited!


Memory Lane

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