Project update

I am sitting here venting because the children, dog, and husband have all heard my “one hour project” rant.

Does anyone want to guess how long it actually took?  Just guess…

I see an hour and a half… whose ganna go for two, two hours…. can I get three, three hours… anybody ganna go for four….and yes, the winner is 4 hours!!!  Yes, happy campers, we just finished a four hour project that really should have been on a hour.  Really!

First we couldn’t just turn off the water to the kitchen alone.  No matter which way we turned the knob, the kitchen water still flowed.  We ended up having to shut off the water to the whole house… no problem right?  I mean, it’s just a quick project.

Then the 20yr old faucet would NOT come off.  We banged, twisted, pulled, wrenched the bolt and it just was not budging.  This was the first run to Lowe’s for PB Blaster, a useful spray that helps to loosen such a joint.  Running through the store, not finding it in plumbing and not finding a sales associate free to ask questions, I finally find the LAST CAN OF THE BLASTER IN THE STORE hiding over by the WD-40.  At this point I missed a call from a very dear friend of mine in New York and of course with such insanity in the house, and extra child and 2 men fussing around the sink, I couldn’t return her call 😦

Finally our friend had to run to his house for a saw to simply cut the stupid bolt off the faucet to remove it.  The new faucet went in, bolted to the sink… it is now time to re-attach the supply lines for the hot and cold water.  Well golly, look at that.. one doesn’t quite reach.  Again, I go back to Lowe’s, grab the supply lines we need, run back home.  I cannot attach the supply line, this 20yr old house does not have a proper hose lead to the kitchen sink.  It is a hot wired looking tube with an adaptor.  The only supply lines at Lowe’s have 2 female ends, we need a male and female supply line 😦  Hubby heads back to the store this time.  After I take a picture so the Lowe’s guy really does understand what we are dealing with, hubby comes home with “duck tape and Popsicle sticks”.  Ok, not really, but he has an old school thingy that we loaded with plumber’s tape to attach the hoses.

At this point, we have not eaten or had any water for hours.  We walked away from this “one hour project” to find food and find some peace 😉

We come back home, work on the supply lines that are leaking and then spraying water all over the cabinet and floor.  Finally, 8:10pm the project is finished.  No leaking, new faucet with a fantastic sprayer.  Woohoo, can I get off this ride now??  Great!

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