Homeschooling Blues

I recently found this blog post and wanted to share this for my Memory Lane walk today.  There are people out there who mean well and say the wrong thing.  Then there are people who really have no filter on their mouths who say whatever they want.  This was a run in with one of these types of people, I just didn’t take the time to understand what this woman was trying to say.

Recently I had my first negative experience with a person in public as she questioned me about why my kids weren’t in school. she actually asked me “is it easier to home school your kids than getting up with all these kids in the morning to go to school?” And it is days like today that make me get so angry with people like that.

Rough night of sleep with hubby on duty at the hospital, I don’t feel as safe in our DC area house as I did in our KS house, and our large dog was also restless last night. you can imagine how it sounds for 120lbs on 4 feet chugging up and down steps, and you should hear the noise he makes just rolling over on the wood floor!!! Anyway, this morning is a rough start, getting kids to focus was not an easy task, and the ‘comedy bone’ is in full swing with my children as well.

I texted a couple buddies who share my HS blues, and they sent me to tim hawkins for some humor and a much needed coffee break from the situation. please enjoy. and for the record, HOME SCHOOL MOTHERS DON’T HAVE IT EASIER THAN OTHERS!!

1 thought on “Homeschooling Blues”

  1. Oh Sister! Her comment just proves that she would not last an hour in your shoes! Ignorance at its best…What you do is amazing, and don’t you forget it!

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