FF of a long week..

Mommy's IdeaThis week has been full of crazy, funny fragments.  I am so glad there is a place like Mrs. 4444 that I can dump them 😉  If you have some tidbits to share yourself, hop on over and share yours also 😉  She welcomes all kinds, hahahahahaha, yes, even me 😉

Quick side note, if you have ever grabbed my button before, you may want to copy the new button and link.  The old button directs folks to the old blog name.  Just FYI.

Here are some funny tweets to pass along:

“My son asked me why girls pee sitting down.  I told him they’re lazy.
“Presidents’ Day seems to be celebrated mainly by mattress sales.  
As I think through 43 POTI, it is appropriate in many cases. 
“Nothing messes up a Friday more than realizing its only Thursday”

“The ghost practiced scaring people night after night.  He was finally ready for his day boo.”

“My wife called me today to tell me that the car wouldn’t start.  I said “Honey, when I’m not there you have to sit in the drivers seat.”

“Weekends are a bit like rainbows; they look good from a distance but disappear when you get up close to them.” John Shirley

“Napping is my way of telling the world I still like you, I just need to be alone for awhile.

I love texting with my SAHM buddies, I need their humor to get me through the day, you know??  I had this interchange with Jamers this week, ain’t she funny?

“you know…after lying, disobeying (several times), and hitting or teasing the baby… after multiple disciplines…you would think that the LAST thing on the 4yr old’s mind would be swinging the only broom in the house, hitting a table, and bending it beyond use!!”
“Well, you made him quit doing all the other fun stuff he was doing! :-P”

Heard around our house this week:
“deetch peez”
drink please
“mommy, deetch peez.”
“Bekah, are you coming?”
“Yes mom, I just had to take a picture of dad, just in case he dies.”
“Good grief, don’t say that. Not when dad is sick”
“But mom, dad said it first.”

We had a bit of a crazy week here.  

Monday: Hubby got sent home from his 24hr duty with an upper respiratory infection.  I was actually very glad this was all that was wrong.  By Sunday night he was bent over in pain with every cough.  He found out that he probably strained a muscle with coughing!  How crazy is that?

That very afternoon I heard a loud thump upstairs.  I ran up from the school room to find hubby writhing on the floor.  He had turned suddenly to answer the door and rammed his foot into our end table.  It turned black by Monday night.  Thankfully, he works at a hospital and had it looked at Wednesday.  He broke his toe 😉  Broken  toes look gross.

Tuesday: my 4yr old was trying to increase my gray hairs by being as ornery as possible.  It was just crazy what all he was able to do in one day.  Teasing, fighting, messes, and busting the only broom in the house…just to name a bit.

Wednesday: My children came running into the house “Danny fell off the trampoline and he isn’t moving!!”  I ran outside, hoping he just knocked the wind out of him.  I pinched his legs, asking him if he could feel them.  He could.  He said his lover back hurt.  I made him rotate his feet and move his legs around.  No apparent nerve damage.  After a bit he felt he could try to get up and was able to get to the recliner.

I am hoping to have a safe weekend.  We are keeping a little girl from church so her mom can do a weekend with work.  I know how it is to be doing the parenting alone, so I am more than happy to help out!!  Have ya a good one!!

8 thoughts on “FF of a long week..”

  1. I hope you have a safe weekend also! Good thing Bekah took that picture, with all Ben had happen this week, who knows how long he’ll last! HA!

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