TopTen Memorable Songs

Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little BlessingsSince this is my birthday week, and one of the big ‘5’ birthdays I might add, I am sharing my top ten most memorable songs from my past.  Enjoy 😉

10.  Skid Row: I remember you
There are so many songs that invoke memories from my childhood!

9.  Deep Blue Something:Breakfast at Tiffany’s
This song takes me back the the back roads of MN
in my cousin’s car singing off tune and loving every minute!!
“Crack Kills!!”

8.  Eric Clapton: Wonderful tonight
This reminds me of a very dear friend, riding around in a ’54 Bel Air,
 who kept me from doing something very stupid in high school.
Thank you  from the bottom of my heart!

7.  Petra: Beyond Belief
My all time favorite contemporary Christian group.
Love this song!!  Theirs was the first concert I ever attended 🙂

6. Royal Guardsmen: Snoopy vs. the Red Baron
Whenever I hear this song, I see 16 kids running around
their grandfather’s pool table 😉
Go Micah’s head!!!!

5. Steven Curtis Chapman: I will be here
This is ‘our song’.  I will be here, sweetheart, always.
Thank you for always being ‘here’ for me!!

4.  Metallica: Enter Sandman
My first stiff neck from head banging, I had almost waist length hair
that caused me much pain the ‘day after’ hahahaha

2.  White Lion:When the children cry
I learned sign language just to do it with this song 😉

1. Def Leppard: Photograph
My favorite all time band.  This song got all my friends moving around my bedroom 😉

4 thoughts on “TopTen Memorable Songs”

  1. Wow what a walk down memory lane. One of my boyfriends gave me a Skid Row tape for my birthday and said that I will remember you was our song. LOL So long ago. I love Def Leppard as well. My sister and my son and I went to a concert of theirs a couple years ago. LOVED IT!!!

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