Mommy Memories

Memory Lane
Yesterday was Mother’s Day, as you all know.  I had a very good Mother’s Day.  My daughter made me my toast breakfast, a coffee, and set it all up with the kids’ homemade cards.  I love that part!!!

I also finally joined the 21st century and received an iPad from my husband.  I still have an old flip phone that only does text and calling, so this big tech toy is a bit intimidating.  But I believe it will be very useful to keep us all occupied during the long road trip next month.  He even bought the audio/visual cables so we can plug it in to various TV screen things.  Very cool!!

With all these wonderful memories being made, I thought we could all share things about our own Mother’s Day or about our mothers.

My mother was a great mother, but I have to be honest, when I was growing up I thought she was really stupid.  Didn’t we all think that?  But after I grew up and had my own children, I finally got the myriad of things she did for me and what she was for me.

My mother made my birthday something special, even though we really didn’t have much money growing up.  No pony rides, no theme parties, no clowns making balloon puppets… but they were awesome slumber parties with ALL the girls I wanted to invite.  She let us run around i the woods, stay up late, she made a birthday cake for me, she made my friends feel welcome… she was awesome!!!

My mother was a lot of fun to drive with.  Especially as a new driver 😉  My mother is a grabber and gasper!!  If you appear to be leaving your lane, she will gasp “oh, oh” and grab for something.  If the semi truck  appeared to be getting closer at all, gasping and grabbing happened.  The best part was when my mother actually said a bad word when I was driving.  She has never, in the history of her life, said a swear word!!!  We weren’t even allowed to say butt growing up!  A car pulled out in front of us, I already had my foot on the break, I just started to depress the pedal when she clutched her chest and said “$@it”.  I was stunned.  Could not function for a whole minute.  Did my mother just say…??

My mother came over after my first child was born and patted the baby’s back, patted my back, and ensured me that I was capable of being a mother.  Even though the rotten thing I brought home from the hospital screamed his whole first night home 😦

She came over after the other kids arrived and did dishes, cooked meals, changed diapers…she was also amazing when she came to visit us during seminary, when we were too poor to actually eat red meat more than once a month.  My mother came with groceries, Iowa corn fed beef from the local meat market, and cooked it for me!!!  My mother is pretty awesome.

My mother also showed me how her faith was a part of her daily life.  Scripture was integrated into our conflict resolution, our stress, our sorrow, and our joys.  God wasn’t just a Sunday morning thing, it was an every-day-of-the-week reality.  God was a life line necessary when attempting to navigate life.

Sure we have our differences, sure we squabble, sure I still act like that stupid teenager I once was, she gets to act up as a 50+ empty nester… but I still think my mother is amazing!!!  

Wanna tell me about your mother or your own Mother’s Day?  Feel free to share your own memories, or simply enjoy mine.


Memory Lane

6 thoughts on “Mommy Memories”

  1. We go every year to a nearby Y camp with our church. It’s such a fun way to celebrate Mother’s Day and means I don’t have to cook or clean all weekend…well, until we get home Sunday night, then there is a mountain of laundry!As for my own mom, well, she taught me that being a mom doesn’t end just because your children are grown… life never seems THAT hard when you’ve got your mom in your corner!

    1. You are so right!!! It is very encouraging to know that I always have one person in my corner.I loved family camping when I was growing up. Those will be great memories for your children also 🙂

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