July in Alaska

Happy 4th of July, everyone!  I know it’s a bit late for many of you because it is late here 😉  We have been very busy getting settled and organizing the house.  We also took some time off today to enjoy a part of Alaska that we have already fallen in love with… Hatcher Pass.

There is a state managed park there, Independence Mine.  It was a functioning gold mining operation until 1951 and today they had gold panning lessons for the kids.  The kids each got their gold flecks and are ready for their future in gold panning 😉  The Mining Association did the demonstration and were extremely patient and great with kids.  After that we hiked to a small lake nearby.  It was an easy hike by Alaskan standards, but it simply showed me how out of shape I am 😉  I stopped just over half way up, before the rock climbing portion, to hang out with Noah.  Ben brought back some great video and pictures of the kids from the top.  I hope you all enjoy them, too 🙂

We were told to dress for the weather and get out in it, because if you wait for good weather, you will hardly go out.  Today we took that advice and went out in spite of the sporadic rain and low temps.  We did have a good time, and the hike kept us warm 😉

6 thoughts on “July in Alaska”

  1. Fun!! We thought about y’all last night, Man VS Food was in Anchorage. Some of the stuff he was eating looked GOOD.

    1. I can’t tell you about game yet, but the fresh caught salmon is AMAZING!!! I need to look that episode up, I would love to find out where he went.

  2. What a beautiful way to spend the 4th! I had no idea there would be snow there this time of year. We got in the car yesterday from festivities in Iowa and the temp in the car registered 107. – Crystal

  3. I would love rain and low temps right now! We are having the hottest summer on record (I think) and I’m totally ready for winter! I think Alaska might be a good place for me. : )I’m glad you’ve already found places to enjoy and do fun stuff!

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