Happy Birthday Dad

My father had a birthday today and my kids got their greetings in before me! Being four hours behind family can be quite a challenge, making my birthday post for dad late…for him.

I am pleased to say that my dad is a good one. He was home on the nights he was not working. He worked as many jobs as necessary so mom could stay home with us. He took the time to teach me how to work tools, how to work on a car, how to change tires, how to drive a clutch, he taught me how to throw frisbees, softballs, he tried to teach me good money management. He took me to church even when I didn’t want to go…and I respect him for ALL these things. Happy birthday dad. Thank you for making my childhood a thing to cherish!!

And now for the fun part… Old family photos from eons ago ;-). You can easily pick my father out of all the photos, and I am happy to tell you that his ears closely hug his head now đŸ˜‰ Though they are darn cute on a little boy, aren’t they??

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