My heart stopped!!

Guys, I just nearly had a heart attack! For the last 30 min we have stopped EVERYTHING and focused on trying to find my 2yr old, Noah. He had been sent down to my bed for nap time, but by the time I hit the room, Noah was nowhere to be seen.

I quickly looked around my level and couldn’t find him. I called, no answer. I went up to the other bedrooms and no Noah. That is when I got the other kids involved. It was to the point of my daughter searching the garage and yard in the 30* weather thinking “would he go out in the cold for long without his jacket?”

I was nearly to the point of calling my husband at work in panic when I chose to check my bedroom again only to find this buried in the storage closet…

Can you see the child, who buried himself under a few sleeping bags?? He is sleeping contentedly, which is why he didnt answer and why just opening the door didn’t uncover him…Talk about a crazy incident. My kids all got a hug and “I love you” from a very thankful (and slightly emotional) mother!!! Have you hugged your children today? It takes only a moment for something to happen and you won’t get to do it anymore.

2 thoughts on “My heart stopped!!”

  1. Good grief, my heart would have stopped, too! Apparently, the sleeping bags seemed cozier than your bed to him. Well, I am so glad he was just crashed out in the closet!

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