FF Someday My Frags Will Come

Mommy's IdeaAnd the frags are here!! I was inspired by Keetha over at The Eclectic Company to begin the fun FF intro challenge. Hers are very clever. We even did the same exact intro once ๐Ÿ˜‰

Have you every noticed just how many FF Mrs. 4444 has hosted? She has had to create witty Friday Fragment posts for 233 Friday’s now. That is a lot of creativity!

“Mrs. 4444, have you ever had to double up on your creative intro? Have you ever had writer’s block concerning the intro?” Wow, that is my first online interview ๐Ÿ™‚

ย ~~~

I am so tired today. I am going to do my best to swing through every entry in the FF link again this Friday. However, last night hubby was having some pretty serious muscle issues, which means we were up last night with the thumper massaging his calf muscles. The poor guy was in so much pain!!! He very rarely wakes me up at night, but around 3am I heard “Honey? Hey, please wake up and help me, I am hurting so bad.”


I have always enjoyed the clean comedy of Sinbad. He came through both military bases in Alaska offering a free show for the service members and their families. It was hilarious!! He was doing pictures and autographs after, but my kids and I were just starving and the line was crazy. But oh my goodness, it was hilarious.

I meant to blog about that this week. I meant to blog about a lot of things… yea, didn’t get to any of them ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


I received a very sweet and humbling comment this week. A reader was genuinely thankful for me. No kidding! It was very humbling. Thank you Angi for making my day. I need to get those posts out of ‘draft’ and post the ones about our History Hunting ๐Ÿ™‚


Oorah, Marine, Oorah! I just read an article about an Alaskan marine who assisted in stopping a bank robbery. He was calm and cool headed, and he didn’t run away from a situation. It may not seem like much, but not everyone would assist in stopping a bank robbery up here.


I am seeing ‘code’ in my sleep again. This time I had to brush off the dust off my CSS knowledge because Hubby is beginning his own website through a self-hosted WP deal. Wow, that is so different from the Blogger stuff. It may seem like a small thing, but my brain is having such a hard time between code that uses the shift+keys as opposed to the standard keys. Much frustration with my brain not shifting ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

ย ~~~

Once upon a post, long, long ago… I have mentioned before that my two closest cousins/best friends and I have a daily email correspondence going. Some days the humor just hurts my core muscles while I laugh. This week was no exception:

(Layni)ย  Yay for Levi, who used Bonnieโ€™s potty chair for the first time yesterday!ย  He got chocolate ice cream for a treat last night.
(Sam) Hey I’ll use Bonnies potty chair for chocolate ice cream ๐Ÿ™‚

(Sam) So I decide to do one of my computer classes today (it was garassned and discrimination). I take the pretest get 100% still have to go through the glass and take the post test and it was the same bloody test
(Layni) And yet you still came up with โ€œgarassned.โ€
(Me) Just a classic Sam-ism
(Sam) stupid non auto correct
(Me) Danged if it does, danged if it doesn’t!!

ย ~~~

Mrs. 4444 shared some adorable videos of teaching her puppies to walk on a treadmill. I thought they were a lot of fun to watch! But it made me think about the first time I got on a treadmill. I didn’t know how to run the stupid thing, I chose some setting that apparently changed speed during the workout, and I eventually got launched off the back of it. And NO OF COURSE NOT, I was not alone in the gym. Some very nice young men came to help me up off the floor. So very, very embarrassing. To visualize my story, this polar bear has about the same luck with a treadmill that I did!!

Oh hey, there is only one day left on my Starbucks gift card giveaway. I have 3 gift cards, each worth $5 bucks. Any and all of my readers have a shot at it!!


15 thoughts on “FF Someday My Frags Will Come”

  1. Daily email sounds lovely. Nice way to pick up your spirits! YAY for Levi! He deserves all the chocolate ice cream!Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Oh my goodness!! I got a shout out AND a link in your FF post!!! I think I’ve arrived.Remind me, which intro theme did we do on the same week, I’m nearly 60 and I seem to have forgotten!I do like Sinbad, though we’ve never seen him in person.

    1. It would be totally cool if I was more famous and the shout out created visitor flow your way ๐Ÿ˜‰ We both did “like sand through the hourglass, so are the frags of our lives” and it totally cracked me up!!

  3. I try to send my sister email (sometimes it ends up being a text though) a day. She makes me laugh. :)Hope your husband feels better soon. Makes life happier. Happy weekend!

  4. A daily email? That sounds awesome!!! The closeness even better. I can only imagine the muscle cramping and the pain…my husband has experienced that too, but he’s too stubborn to do anything or accept help. Which makes it a ‘pain’ for me. LOLLoved your frags this week. Hope to read more again next week.

  5. My word, I’m lucky to get all the fragments fluttering around in my brain into the computer, let alone do a fun intro!I’m a little envious of your relationship with your cousins. I don’t have any I’m that close to, although my sister and I are known to text one-liners back and forth.

    1. Oh I totally get that!! I sometimes sit down and hardly remember what I wanted to Frag about ;-)I do enjoy having those close relationships. They help me get through some very tough days. And there are other days when they tease me to the point of me wanting to hit them!!

  6. ” not everyone would assist with a bank robbery up here.” I often get my phrasing and grammar messed up so I hope you take this comment as a helpful suggestion. I got confused and reread this a few times. I think you meant “assist in preventing/stopping a bank robbery” but I’ve never been to Alaska so I didn’t know if it might be like areas of the country where customers would probably assist the robbers to get a piece of the action.Oh I like the treadmill clip – that would be me. Walking/running outside is the best.

  7. That Marine was brave and courageous. Good for him. I along with you echo “oorah”. And the treadmill hilarity wasn’t so hilarious happening to you of course, but still…made me laugh. That’s a good thing, right? As for your hubby, I sure hope he’s feeling better ’bout now.

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