I Frag Around

Mommy's Idea

If you would like to ‘frag around’ too, simply hop on over to Half Past Kissin Time, our host Mrs. 4444 loves it when folks frag around :-)This weeks frags are brought to you by the Beach Boys. Listening to these guys takes me back to my house Saturday mornings when my dad would blast old vinyl records on his Pioneer stereo and 3 young girls would be shaking it up, dancing to the Beach Boys!! When daddy handed me the keys to my ’69 Impala in high school, he made a reference to my ‘real fine 409’ (even thought it was a 350 😉 ) 


Heard aournd the house:

“Hey mom, your really have a lot of grays hairs now”

“Mom, what would happen if a whole bucket of lava got dropped on a guy?”

“No, me do it, mom”
“My do it, mom”
“Noah do it, mom”

“Do we have to do school????”


This week for my 30 days of new recipe cooking challenge we had:

Tuna Noodles
Farm Style Sausage Bake
Potato bar
Shrimp and Grits
Tamales with chicken fajita soup 

And I also ran into a fellow Iowa girl who cooks some fabulous food!! Ok, she cooks like I grew up, so of course that rocks right??? I dream of Iowa corn fed beef and pork… you guys have no idea how hard it is to move away from good, safe, butcher shops 😦  (I miss you Fareway!!!)


Frugal Family 2013
There are more good frugal ideas running around the Frugal ’13 carnival. I just wish that the whole country would jump on board with being frugal. In the micro sense, we all generally watch our pennies and cut corners when we need to trim the budget. But on the macro level, folks just can’t seem to grasp the idea of frugal. It’s sad.

26 thoughts on “I Frag Around

  1. Gotta love the honesty of little ones! My grandson is fascinated with my lines :-)I need to start a 30 day food challenge, I’m so bored. The beach boys always remind me of my teenage years.Have a great weekend !

    1. Oh goodness, I remember as a child, I would ask my great-grandmother to let me swing her back arm flap like a toy. I am mortified that I ever did that to her!! Poor woman.You should go for a 30 days cooking challenge. It has been both fun and challenging for me 😉 I really have some no brainer go-to’s that I miss already 😉

  2. Lovin’ the Heard Around the House quotes…so cute (minus the gray hair comment.haha) I hope I never find out what happens when a bucket of lava gets dumped on me. 🙂

    1. I already have more fodder for next week 😦 And that is pretty much what I told my son too. I hope no human has to learn what it would feel like to have lava dumped on them 😦 The boy mind is such a crazy thing at times.

  3. I used to love the Beach Boys…well, heck I still do. And the food?!!! I never turn away from good food. Your week’s menu sounded absolutely divine. And gray? Dear me, I have blond roots at the scalp…it comes out gray tho.

    1. I like the silver, really I do. It reminds me of my grandmother, and that is cool 🙂 I love me some good food. It’s been a lot of fun the food challenge.

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