She’s a Fragger Wizard

My son inspired this week’s FF title. During snack time, my oldest son was singing this song while making his morning snack. This is another song that takes me back to an old reel-to-reel and the Saturday mornings of my childhood.

Would you like to be a Fragger Wizard too? No quarters necessary, just hop on over to Half Past Kissin’ Time and play πŸ™‚ I will be making my rounds through the FF group on Sunday. We are heading out of town this weekend, yay!!!

Mommy's Idea

I got an amazing comment from a Dallas Car Accident Lawyer:

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And this one from Weight Loss Diets:

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Like, wow, right πŸ˜‰ The funniest part is that this spam comment showed up on an App Love post. These guys need to make the spam comment fit the post, eh??


Micah update: he is responding and off the ventilator!! His liver is beginning to ‘wake up’ also. Major praises there πŸ™‚ His kidneys still do not function, that is bad. He is also very tired and groggy. Thank you so much for your prayers and kind thoughts. I have mentioned this to you before, but being miles away from family during times of crisis is very hard on me 😦


I saw this pin after I had actually asked my hubby if he still read my blog. The humorous part to me was that I know this man is busy at work, I know he is limited in his internet usage, and I know there are so many things he should be doing than reading my blog. But I missed his random comments.

My hubby is a patient man, trust me πŸ˜‰


Oh hey, this is a great weight loss tactic! I love over 100lbs by doing this just this week:

Source: indulgy.com via Kay on Pinterest


In the news…

Google Reader is shutting down this July. Thanks to Karrie I found a great alternative. You can read my review of Feedly, if you like.

Have you guys heard of the gal who is being thankful for her car accident? The tests she endured after her car accident showed cancer in her body. This cancer hadn’t even shown symptoms yet even though the tumor was 5″x3″. She is saying her accident was a blessing because they caught something nasty in time. What a resilient and optimistic gal πŸ™‚ My prayers go out to her and her family!!

 Mr. Kelly, may I suggest to you that if you want to understand gun purchase laws and find loopholes, send a criminal into the store with a known felony on record to find out how easy it is for a criminal to do it. As an ex-military, upstanding citizen with a clean background, it should be easy for you to purchase a gun. Even in Alaska with their generally open gun laws, a background check to the FBI is required before a firearm purchase. I want to know how the gang bangers keep getting their hands on weapons to shoot a father and child during a diaper change in states with very strict gun laws. There are some obvious loopholes present there 😦


14 thoughts on “She’s a Fragger Wizard”

  1. Crazy spammers!I so agree on the gun laws. It is rather interesting the statistics on gun violence in places like Chicago, with extremely tight gun laws, versus say, Georgia. The car accident story reminds me of a friend of mine. Her little Benjamin was in a Bouncy House accident last Winter. The scans after showed something that turned out to be cancer. He had no other symptoms. Thank God it was caught, or he would not be around now. He was pronounced “clear” just a few weeks ago!

    1. That’s so wonderful to hear!!! Yay for Benjamin! I had prayed for him, it’s great to know the rest of the story.Ben pointed out the fallacy of Mr. Kelly’s gun purchase to me. I live in a world of 6th grade and below. Our biggest issues are being loving to each other and stopping name calling πŸ˜‰ Ben is my current events broadcaster.

  2. You sure play a mean fragged post. Blogs by sense of smell?At least that spam was readable most of mine are random words from who knows what.Being just outside of Chicago the tragic shooting has been reported extensively. The Chicago Tribune investigated and reported on how easy it is to buy a trunk load of guns at gun shows in Indiana (short drive away). Indiana is one of the less restricted states. I agree with eliminating the gun show loopholes. It’s not going to solve the problem but it will help. That tragic shooting of a baby appears to be gang related since the father was a gang member with a criminal record.

    1. Closing the gun show loopholes would help out a lot! I have no problem with background checks because these shooting (though gang related) are still so senseless! Human life is worth so much! I thank you for your input there and for not knocking me as a ‘gun nut’. We lived in Chicago while doing our undergrad at Moody. It was a lot of fun πŸ™‚

  3. Gun purchases in the wrong hands? I’m sure there is such a thing as the ‘black market’?!! Just like the prohibition days when liquor was banned, yet there was plenty to go around with stills and exporting illegally. As for the weight loss, I LOVE it. And will run and check my weight as soon as I finish typing this comment. Trust me, I know I’m gonna be ‘lookin’ good’!!! LOLThe spam comments, I hafta laugh, ’cause I get those also. Thing is, there is one glitch in your first one…a lawyer? And can’t spell worth diddly squat… “positive glad”?!!!!Hope Benjamin continues to improve.

    1. You are right, there is a black market for such things 😦 Isn’t it sort of funny that the Kennedy’s made their money off prohibition moonshine??I know, the scale thing cracked me up!! I have been doing it wrong for so long!!!

  4. SPAMers are not too smart, are they? I am still praying for Micah. I’m sorry you cannot be with your family. That must be so hard on you!

    1. Not so smart spammers πŸ˜‰ I just wonder what the deal is? What are they trying to accomplish?Thanks for praying! He is out of ICU now and doing PT. His kidneys still won’t function 😦

  5. I started using Feedly, but it’s kind of confusing. lol I’m glad to hear that Micah is doing better. I hope he continues to do so.

  6. I get some stupid spam comments like that too. Some folks obviously don’t have enough to do. :o)Love the cartoons, too cute!I’ll have to check out Feedy and I’ve been trying out Bloglovin’ too!

  7. Those spam comments are so annoying. It’s so obvious they didn’t read the post and I especially hate the ones that ask a question by anonymous. How do they expect me to contact them if they are anonymous???? I will not answer in a comment because I just delete my spam comments, usually even before they are published.Glad Micah has shown improvement. I did see the video of the girl in the accident who suffered major injuries as well as having cancer (I think she was only 16 if I’m not mistaken). Two of her friends were injured as well, none of them had on their seat belts.

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