App Love: Dyslexia Quest

I recently discovered that my 2nd son struggles with a bit of dyslexia. I knew he was struggling with reading, but of course, as a homeschool mother, my first concern was “how did I mess this up?”

Thankfully, I came to realize that I didn’t ‘mess him up’, but I do wish I had realized this sooner so we could have tackled the issue and instilled more confidence in him for reading.

Our homeschool adviser suggested we use some dyslexia tactics to help him with his reading and that led me to find this app for the iPad called Dyslexia Quest.


As you progress up the mountain, you will stop to play games along the way.


This is a short term memory game. Short term memory is one of the things dyslexia can affect. The arrow pulls down the ‘secret code’ for the symbols. The child then drags the correct number below its proper symbol. My son started out having to pull the decoder down for every symbol. He worked his way up to pulling it at least every other time now…. but hey, this is a work on progress πŸ˜‰


There is a game designed to help train the eye to search for a similar pattern and to focus on finding the correct pattern. This

The child earns characters as they play.
helps the eye and brain to work together among the distraction of the faces being the same color scheme.


This is a game of matching phonetic blends.



Reinforcing phonetics is a huge part of this game. They will work on letter sounds singular, blends, and such. They also have the student sound words out backwards to reinforce those phonetic sounds.


My son did so well on this game, and he is working harder on his reading than before.


This game gives a sequence of events. The child imitates the given sequence. This helps to reinforce short term memory skills.

As the child progresses through the game, the sequences become much more challenging. My son got a pretty big thrill when he stomped me on this round πŸ˜‰


The game tracks advancement and encourages the student to review and redo to master each skill.

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6 thoughts on “App Love: Dyslexia Quest”

  1. This sounds wonderful. I have one with dyslexia, and one who is borderline. I wonder if this is available as a game or download? We don’t have an ipad or iphone, so, unfortunately, I can’t download apps. 😦

    1. Such a bummer!! I looked the company up online and as of right now, it is an Apple app. So sorry. This has been a great tool for my son.

    1. Thank you!! I wrote to the producers of this particular app to thank them for their hard work. Wonderful product πŸ™‚

  2. This looks like an awesome app. I recently read that dyslexia isn’t just mixing up letters, it can also be mixing up words in a sentence and therefore not grasping the meaning of the context. Henry Winkler is a huge dyslexia advocate.

    1. Exactly, it seems like it’s a visual issue with the signal getting mixed up by the time the brain deciphers the message. I have known folks who struggle with this, I was just surprised that we would also be one of those ‘folks’ πŸ™‚ Slowly going over the phonics and reading easy books help to bolster his confidence. Thankfully, he hasn’t just given up :-)You know, I think it would also help kids to focus and encourage the short term memory strength. I highly recommend this app. Maybe you could use it in your daycare?

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