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IMG_3722Few things in life are as exciting as being organized. Or at least the sensation of being organized 😉 I make lists, charts, and calendars on a routine basis, but the problem with my love of paper lists is that those paper lists rarely make it into my purse for when I really need them 😦 That’s when my iPhone or iPad shine!

I am not a techy person, but I have really come to appreciate my iPad, iPhone, and Kindle Fire. There are so many apps that have helped me stay organized. Frankly, my iPhone goes wherever I am (for the most part) and that makes certain apps even more valuable to me. All apps reviewed have been used and posts contain my personal opinion only. Below are all the apps I have reviewed so far.

I’ll Pray For You (2/22/2020) - Prayer Mate Have you ever had someone share a struggle with you? Do you let them know you will pray for them? Do you follow up with that? I have to admit that with the best of intentions, those prayers often slip through my mind and never pass my lips again. Yes, I know, it’s… Continue reading I’ll Pray For You
Log the Calories (7/7/2015) - Did you guys know that one of the huge differences between folks who have money in savings and those who don’t is a pretty small detail? The folks with money in savings log exactly where their money goes. That’s right, they are careful and meticulous in tracking where their money is going. This discipline helps keep folks… Continue reading Log the Calories
Art Set Pro (4/20/2015) - The house is quiet and the for moment, I don’t really care what the kids are doing. Ok, maybe I do, but I have to share this fun new art app that we found for my daughter. It’s called Art Set Pro, and even an art ignoramus like me can use it!   It’s very… Continue reading Art Set Pro
Homeschool Schedule Resource (4/14/2015) - myHomework This school assignment tool was amazing when I first found it back in 2013. Since then, they have made so many improvements that I had to update and rewrite this review. I can honestly say that is amazing and should be used by every school, home or not!! Back in 2013 I was… Continue reading Homeschool Schedule Resource
Your Teacher Pre-Algebra App (9/19/2013) - Can I tell you a little secret about homeschool parents? We do worry about messing this home education thing up. Homeschooling my children always had an element of fear for me, because of math! Mostly due to my own failings in this subject. I was never the best math student and knew that I would… Continue reading Your Teacher Pre-Algebra App
App Love: Dyslexia Quest (3/23/2013) - I recently discovered that my 2nd son struggles with a bit of dyslexia. I knew he was struggling with reading, but of course, as a homeschool mother, my first concern was “how did I mess this up?” Thankfully, I came to realize that I didn’t ‘mess him up’, but I do wish I had realized… Continue reading App Love: Dyslexia Quest
Frugal ’13: Watching Pennies (2/28/2013) - The subject this week in Frugal 2013 is watching your pennies. Oh I know it, it’s really not much fun, but let me tell you that keeping track of your money is a big deal and that is how you keep it in the bank instead of flushing it down a hole.In order to track… Continue reading Frugal ’13: Watching Pennies
Escape Rosecliff Island App (2/9/2013) - We were introduced to Rosecliff Island by my husband who had the game on his Macbook first. He got my daughter hooked on it after taking her to work with him a few times. “You have ship wrecked on Rosecliff Island and you need to escape it. You will seek and find items in various parts… Continue reading Escape Rosecliff Island App
Music tutor app love (2/6/2013) - If you are looking for music note reinforcement, this app is for you! There is a free version of the app and the ads run along the bottom of the screen, not in a pop up form. Pretty easy to ignore is you want to stay ‘free’! Think music note flashcards for apple products. If… Continue reading Music tutor app love
Timmy’s Adventure App (1/20/2013) -   Another great game for the Kindergarten age, Timmy’s Kindergarten Adventure. This game has math, words (beginning sounds), and various fun activities you can ‘purchase’ with money you earn for doing well in the game. This app is currently on sale for $1.99, that is a 50% savings from when I purchased it early last… Continue reading Timmy’s Adventure App
Stack the States App (1/17/2013) - This is one of the first app reviews I have ever done, and I wouldn’t change a thing! This app is still one of my absolute favorites and I would highly recommend buying it!!! My children know more state facts and flags than I do. My kids beg to play it and they cheer each… Continue reading Stack the States App
Letter Sound App (1/14/2013) - Today I am introducing another educational app, Montessori Letter Sound App. This app is pretty near and dear to my heart this year because I chose to teach my 4th son to read in a completely different manner than the others. Each of my 3 older children have learned that the letter A says ‘ah’.… Continue reading Letter Sound App
Word Seek App (1/12/2013) - I have more App Love to share with you all. This game is not only fun, but…educational! My kids have been playing it to help build their vocabularies. May I introduce you to Word Seek? You don’t have to log in to the Apple Game Center to play it, but you will have to log… Continue reading Word Seek App
Why I love Paperless (12/5/2012) - When I first received my iPad, I was to sure I would like it. I am not a huge ‘tech’ person and I hadn’t even asked for it. But hubby thought I did and Mother’s Day 2012, I got an iPad. As I play around with it and use it to assist me in managing… Continue reading Why I love Paperless
Rain, rain, go away… (7/19/2012) - It rains a lot in Alaska.  The end of July tends to resemble a Seattle winter.  Practically, that mean that our mornings have a constant drizzle of rain until just after lunch when the sun decides to come out and play.  I know for you folks in the lower 48 trying to survive the nasty… Continue reading Rain, rain, go away…

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  1. Thanks for the ‘app love’ on Simple Pricebook. Let me know if I’m missing any features. Hopefully I’ll have some more stuff coming down the pipeline too that you’ll love. My homeschooling wife always has ideas for apps.

    Bryan Logan
    Logan Apps

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